Saturday, October 02, 2010

Writing Meme: Day 2

2. How many char­ac­ters do you have? Do you pre­fer males or females?

Uh, are we talking all books here? Red shirts and everything? Ok, hold on. I have to go count. No, really, I do. I even made an Access sheet just to keep my characters in order, and even then those were just for the 5,000 Realms books. I ended up doing another for a separate book with the included (SYCFR) in the title (which stands for “Since You Can’t Fucking Remember). Hey, I couldn’t.

Over 120. I’m not going to try and keep counting. I know there are more. In terms of numbers, I think I have more men than women, though when it comes to protagonists, women are definitely out in front. They’re usually kicking ass in the process. But don’t worry guys, I love you too, and you definitely have your ass-kicking moments.

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