Friday, October 01, 2010

A Writing Meme: Day 1

I find it interesting how "meme" is the new word for "chain letter," but we'll let that slide for now. I stumbled upon this while cruising a few blogs a while ago. At the time I was supposed to work on coming up with a better title and do paying freelance work, but hey, I like to procrastinate. It's what I do best.

So the meme is apparently a whole month deal. That means you'll get a little nugget o' something each day. It's all different and this is day one, so enjoy!

1. Tell us about your favorite writ­ing project/universe that you’ve worked with and why.

As much as I enjoyed some of my most recent projects, my favorite universe is the 5,000 Realms universe. Granted, I’m not going to write 5,000 books, but the general mythology in them is that Thule (or God if you prefer) created 5,000 realms. Earth is included, but nothing ever takes place here because Earth is too damn boring and there are too many rules to follow.

(Okay, so Earth actually does have a moment due to the portals that connect all the realms, but the people there don’t know that and neither will anyone reading the book until this universe gets into print.)

I love this universe because, sure, it was my first, but also because of all the diversity. In the real world, diversity annoys the hell out of me (mostly because the word is usually tied to someone’s agenda). But in these worlds, it means dragons and shapeshifters, humans and made up peoples. It’s a blast because it’s a mix of everything. Fights that border on epic (yes, I said it), dark magic, revenge, true love…suddenly I sound like the Grandpa in The Princess Bride…

In the end, it’s my favorite because it’s been so much fun to write.

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