Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Pimp This Novel

Righto. I haven't read this yet, but that's only because I *just* saw it on a V-cart yesterday at work. I was on my way out to go clock out and go home, and walked past in the back room, glanced down because the vivid colors in the cover caught my eye, and literally let out a gasp that would leave other people to think (if anyone else had been in the room) that I'd seen a mouse or something. But how can one not get excited when seeing a book by someone they know? That's right, I know the author. Remember that place I keep talking about? Seton Hill University? The author was in her second year there. She wasn't Sabrina Benulis then (so I supposed she'd gotten herself hitched in the meantime), but I'd been stalking certain writers from the program and she's the first one to land herself on the shelves where I can get all stupid and grab it the day it comes out and skip home with it.

I went to her reading (we all had to do a reading from our book as a part of our graduation assignment - and I've got to add that my reading was SO much freaking fun to do) and had a great time. That's how I know this book should be a good time too. The part I remember the most (as this was back in 2007 I think) was the battle. The violent battle. With some mean metal weapons. I remember making a mental note of certain things - "Be sure to use words like 'gristle' and 'sinew' in the future."

So yes, to get back on point, I'm totally pimping her book. Go check it out. If you like the whole angels battling, humanity's souls hanging in the balance, wtf happened to God? kind of stuff, then it's time you jumped on the Archon wagon. I, for one, look forward to where it takes me.

OH! And P.S. - Tell me that cover isn't absolutely gorgeous. Some authors get the shaft when it comes to covers, but it looks to me like Sabrina got to have her cake and eat it too. Awesome.