Sunday, October 10, 2010

Writing Meme: Day 10

10. What are some really weird sit­u­a­tions your char­ac­ters have been in? Every­thing from seri­ous canon scenes to meme ques­tions counts!

Uh, they get into some pretty messed up situations, so I think I’ll do this in list format and you can see for yourself.

  • Waking up after being dead.
  • Going back in time.
  • Having Hell pretty much open up in front of you and having to fight a pack of demons right then and there.
  • Getting possessed by a dragon
  • Discovering that you’re not actually human.
  • Transforming from a mouse (normal form) into something like a human and then being face to face with a very large falcon.
  • Realizing your world actually connects to a highly advanced one and the fairy you’ve been trying to save has been hooked up to be used as a power source.
  • Partnering with a sentient plant to save a planet.
  • Stepping into a masquerade ball and discovering that those aren’t masks (and pretty much everything else that happened to Gabrielle in that book).
  • Realizing that your guide really is part wolf.
There are plenty more, I’m sure, and these barely scratch the surface of what’s really going on. But hopefully they’ve at least piqued your interest.

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