Friday, July 07, 2006

The RRSGS -Or- Book #1H

It's slow going, really. I've paused on the poetry thing (though in reality I should get back on it because it's not as though it takes up too much time...sort of...sometimes. Ok, it depends) and have gotten to work on a book which stems from an idea I had last summer that came about during an hour of lying in bed and then a 24/7 writing session on the computer soon after, something I never do, really. I have issues with writing on the computer when it comes to stories for some reason. But to get to the point, the Isu story (aka #1F) has been put on hold. Yes, the one with the characters made out of Brett, Shawn, Katie, Sandra, and everyone else. It's an interesting enough story, but not enough to truly hold my attention. The same went for #1E, which was based on characters from my high school friends. I literally had to force myself one day to do some writing on it by going to a Barnes & Noble at 8am (or whenever they opened) and staying 8 hours, only getting up to stretch and clear my brain before getting back to work. I burned out after 5 hours but got a lot done.

Moving on, I think tonight will be an all-nighter. Normally that means I'm going to stay up all night and write, in this case on #1H, but I think instead it will be a mix. As a Top Reviewer on, I need to keep up a certain quota of reviews in the movie section. To be honest I don't even know what the number is, so I just need to write a bunch and hope I've made it. I should email someone. Anyway, I have a number of other things, namely soundtracks, that I should review as well and have simply been, that's right, putting it off because I'm lazy. So tonight I'll do some writing, do some reviewing, do some writing, reviewing, etc. etc. I don't have to worry about going to the stadium tomorrow because we didn't all week anyway and weekends we simply don't go. Dad says the time off is good for his back and knees anyway, which I don't dispute.

But back to the writing. It's been slow going. It's the kind of writing that I sort of want to do, the kind I know I need to do, but in reality, really wish I didn't have to do just so I could skip on ahead to where all the good stuff is. I should work my ass off on this. Did you know that on average I've written each book in about a year's time? Except the last time I did that was with #1E - I haven't written crap since, in the ways of completion anyway. No offense to my character-friends, but I shouldn't have bothered with #1F and simply gone on to #5 or something instead. But it seemed like such a good idea at the time, and in many ways, still is. I just need to get past the boring stuff. That's the thing everyone hates - that boring filler. Like the second Harry Potter book. Haha. J.K. Rowling said that one was such a drag to write, but just had to get out there for the second year.

Listen to me, talking like I'm some published author. Nope, still have the title of writer. That's different to me. Until I'm published I'm not an author. What I should do is write a query letter and send off #1 like I've been talking about. God I'm lazy. Or maybe a bit fearful of having to go through all that. Not the rejection part, no, that doesn't bother me, that's a part of a writer's life: Death, taxes, and rejection. No, I mean the fear of how long it may take once I get on that road. I guess it equates to rejections, but it's like, once I hop on, I fuckin' hop on. Here we go, and it's a long ride.

But who knows? Maybe I'll be like that kid that wrote Eragon. Boy that would rule. But I guess I should stop daydreaming and make it happen, damn it.

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