Saturday, July 15, 2006


The deal is I've just gotten done watching the new Stargate episodes, SG-1 and Atlantis. A select few of you know what I'm talking about, and probably even fewer of you give a shit. I think Stef watches it. And now I'm up here rambling in order to avoid the news, which is perpetually on in this house. Oh, how I hate the news. It's always the same shit; people dying, countries being assholes, everyone hating us. I do not see how this is news.

Now the Stargate episodes should have incited the little #1H muse, but instead it's merely made me all excited to see the new ones, which I have to wait until next Friday to see, which I will then have to wait a few more weeks to see since I'll be off romping in Colorado at that time. Damn. Oh well. The thing is, I've been writing something else. Something pointless, something utterly useless, something I can't even modify later in order to be useful. Okay, that's not entirely true; I'm sure if I really wanted to and really tried I could, but I'm really not into bothering with it. I should be doing something productive, and yet I'm writing a bunch of drivel, which I initially thought would take up maybe 5, 6 pages and has extended to...well I'm not sure of the page count at the moment, but it's getting to the end of my notebook, which means I'll have to get into my other one, so I suppose it's probably 8-10 pages by now.

So just what is taking up all my time and has me more involved than the #1H story (which would have me more involved were I not busy writing all the stuff that has to draw into the story before it gets good - never was a fan of the crap. Not that it's crap, it's just not as much fun to write)? A fanfic. Yeah. How lame is that? I never thought in a million years I'd be bothered with something like this. You see, I went to see the newest Pirates of the Caribbean and when it got to a certain point, I was all excited about the whole thing and when the movie was over I was more giddy than I have been in a long time when it comes to a movie. It was that damn kiss between Elizabeth and Jack that had me all revved up. If I've ruined it for you, well, trust me, I haven't, and you should know better anyway. Anyway, something in me clicked and some alien idea got into my head. Suddenly I found I was more interested in Johnny Depp/Jack (hard to say which exactly it was that was tugging at me) than Orlando Bloom (whose hotness, by the way, went away a long time ago when he started dating Kate Bosworth or whatever her name is - a Hollywood chick, and that's all I needed to know for him to not be cool anymore, or at least, as cool). That kiss affected me more than I thought it would (I knew it was coming, all thanks to the TV guide channel), and suddenly the pairing of Elizabeth and Jack was very interesting.

I read a few short pieces at a fanfic site where you can find basically anything you might find interesting (if you recall my search for my muses and the failed excursion with Kakashi) that dealt with the ElizabethxJack pairing, but decided in the end, these didn't work well for me. Or rather, they didn't sit well. I couldn't very well let Elizabeth suddenly abandon her feelings for Will, thus none of the fanfics seemed to work out. Then I started thinking. Then I got an scenario into my head. Basically one scenario is all it takes. To be honest, I wasn't really ever going to do anything about it. I've had an inclination to do a pairing before a while back when school was still in session concerning some anime characters, but since I knew it would be pointless writing, never acted on the impulse and simply waited for it to die down. Took a while. The thing is, I knew this idea wouldn't go away until I did something about it - instead it would just play in my head every night until I stuck it on paper, similar to Dumbledore's little pensieve. Too many thoughts in your head? Take them out.

So I did, and have been for the past three days (I believe). I was going to try and flash-bang it, like I said, slap it down in 5 or 6 pages, but as usual my ideas tend to grow a little larger and I get into more detail, yadda yadda yadda, and here we are at the present. It will end, and I won't have to worry about it anymore; if I want to revisit it I can always just dive into my little paper pensieve and enjoy. And I do feel like I'm being wasteful of my time (not the paper; that's exactly what that particular notebook is for). Instead of writing query letters and such I'm writing about...well I won't tell you exactly what I'm writing about since I feel a bit stupid for doing it in the first place, though I do admit that it is damn hard to wade through Jack's thought processes, not to mention coming up with good dialogue for him. I consider that, at the very least, good writing practice.

When I'm done, I might post it at the fanfiction site in order to give millions the chance to read my rubbish, and I've also been considering sending it to Megan (yes, just Megan) seeing as she's my fellow Pirates fan. I doubt the rest of you will want to read my nonsense, but something tells me she'd be all excited about it. From there if she wanted to distribute it, by all means, I'd give her leave to, but I'm not going to bother shipping it out everywhere.

So that's it. That's what my dumb self has been up to in the pencil lead sector. Dorky, huh?

...I am such a geek.

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Anonymous said...

Booooo, Elizabeth is a murdering whore and Kiera Knightly is anorexic in real life. I can't justify that by any means, but common sense screams bulemia and anorexia and ex-lax.

Megan said...

eeeeeee I want to read!! I am so excited!!!
By the way, the whole teasing/kissing thing with Elizabeth (who I still think I could have played just as good as Kiera Knightly) and Jack (who I would love to kiss)- I think that Lizzie is having second thoughts about being married to one man for the rest of her life, and wants to lose her virginity to a sexy beast of a man (aka Jack Sparrow). Meanwhile, poor Will Turner is left twisting in the wind, giving the camera several heart-wrenching puppy dog looks. I feel for him. I'd kiss him, if it'd make him feel better...
I can't wait to read your dialogues!! They have got to be uber fascinating :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and next year it's gonna be Sandman, the Hobgoblin, and Venom.