Monday, August 29, 2005

A Writer's Crawl Does Not Involve Alcohol

Journal 2-1

I rather enjoyed the Writer’s Crawl (I like the name too). Getting out and about once and a while really appeals to me and if I have a notebook in my hand, it’s just as good. I remember once I just couldn’t get anything done in my house one summer, so I asked my sister to drop me off at Barnes & Noble the morning she went to work and to just pick up me when she got off. That’s 8 hours at Barnes & Noble and I don’t think I brought any money to eat anything either. This was back when they still had the tables. Anyway, I sat there for the longest time ever and just wrote because the atmosphere was just what I needed. After about 5 hours I started to run down, but I was glad I had finally gotten so much accomplished. So yes, I do think the Writer’s Crawl concept is a good one. Besides, it gave me an excuse to finally check out the place that replaced Rocky’s. Initially my friends and I had banned ever going there because of that (seeing as Rocky’s was the only place for us underagers to go and party Freshman and Sophomore year), but I really was pretty curious as to what was inside. Now my curiosity is satisfied and I can still pretend I condemn the place to my friends. ^_~

As for ideas…hmm…. I don’t know. It depends on where they are and how we would be expected to go there because I don’t have a car and I don’t know what some of the other places are. I mean there’s always the bus…. Haha, Barnes & Noble. But that’s far away and even so, I don’t know if the one here still has its tables or not. The one in Champaign got rid of all but one (to my dismay). I’ve always had a thing for bookstores though…or libraries. All those books just appeal to me. If I’m going to do serious writing, I want a place to be quiet these days. It’s actually kind of disappointing because I remember when I was in high school and I could ignore all the background noise without any problems whatsoever and write to my heart’s content. Now I like to be in places where I’m positive I wont’ get interrupted, yet still with an atmosphere I find interesting. It’s getting hard to find a balance – or at least to find a place where I won’t get distracted or find ways to distract myself. I guess I just need to buckle down more than I have been. I really should work on book #1…but I digress (as usual). Art!

Yes, I’ve had an epiphany. What about the art area we have – ooh, or maybe even the CPA building, or even the COB. I’ve only been in there once. Interesting architecture or buildings with artsy surroundings may be able to provide some kind of inspiration in some. I don’t know what’s in the art displays as of right now though…but I am always looking for some kind of excuse to go down there and poke around.

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