Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Oh the Irony

Journal 2-2

I actually thought it was ironic the subject of the day was drawing for inspiration when I’d already done that in my notebook (a tiny sketch of a symbol), have done it many times before, and have already drawn 6 maps of future worlds for current books (either finished or in the making), and plan to draw more. So naturally I was sitting there grinning like an idiot thinking in a little singsong voice, “I’ve already done this!”

Not like that makes me special, but I think it at least shows I’m on the right path in a sense that I do a variety of things. Anyway, the neighborhood I chose has a lot of memories attached to it. My list on the back included 14 things. It made me remember a lot of good times I had with friends and family during my whole 2 years of living there. It’s been my favorite house since – almost as good as my home in Colorado. It made me remember the series of vignettes I wrote in 8th grade. We had a student teacher and I remember every single person in the room bitching about the amount of work she wanted us to do (I think it was a total of 5-7 vignettes), whereas I simply dove in and gave her the maximum amount. I really wish now that I had saved them because they were great stories, slice-of-life sort of things. Crazy stories that happen when you’re with your friends and heartwarming ones, such as getting a new dog after falling into the belief that you’ll probably never have one again (as long as you’re living with your parents that is).

I was smiling half the time, remembering simple things, fun things, strange things, and even a few things that brought up a little anger from the past. I wonder who lives in that little house now. That house is the reason I miss having carpet so much. Though I don’t really know what exactly my older sister thinks of things then, I know my parents and younger sister had a hard time of it, but I loved it. We all had different experiences there, and I think mine might have been the best.

Those times made me think that maybe my first piece would have something to do with that house – another vignette type, or longer. But I don’t remember enough of any one story to have a clear cut one. I know I could forgo being totally truthful (or as much as possible) and go ahead and mesh experiences if necessary, but I really do prefer them as they could be – pure memory (or as much as possible) of one experience. I don’t know…I’m still iffy on the whole idea.

But I did start wondering…about the house…I wonder who lives there now?

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