Monday, December 21, 2009

The Official Kissing Day Blogfest!

I found this while reading through the daily Yahoo Groups email from my fellow WPF alumni, and though Kaye Ducas's blog, found out about the Official Kissing Day Blogfest as started by Sherrinda. So I decided to jump into the fun. Took me some time to finally pick something out, and as much as I wanted to post one particular scene from my WIP, it's just not done yet, so I can't. *sad* Instead, I decided to go with another scene from the same WIP that happens much earlier.

Remember kids, WIP. It ain't perfect.

And for the record, he's not a serial killer. It was just a massive misunderstanding, so don't worry.

“I am not going anywhere with you!” I jerked out of his grasp. “You are crazy! This isn’t normal! Any of it!”

“Look, I am the only one that can find that girl and if you want to find her too, then you’ll have to stick with me, do you understand that?”

“Oy! Who are you talking to out there?”

We froze. A few of the giants climbed to their feet while the others leaned over to look outside the cave.

“No one!” Wolf called. “Just, ah, my mate! We were both looking for the morsel, but we’re going now!”

“I think not. She sounds an awful lot like that scrap we caught earlier. Let’s see her.”

I stared at Wolf, petrified.

“No, no!” he yelled back, his hands on my shoulders. “She’s got this silly fear of giants, says they’re too big for her taste.”

“We insist.”

The command was low, dangerous. Wolf gave me a tiny nod and gently pulled me forward so the giants could see me. The one with the club grunted.

“Thought so. Why didn’t you tell us you was a she-wolf?”

I opened my mouth but nothing came out. Wolf pinched me in my side.

“Oh!” I half-shouted. “I, um, was too scared.” I laughed weakly. “Concerned about my…food. At the time. Sorry.”

Their stony faces remained unconvinced.

“Show us your side then,” said one of the standing giants.

I gaped again. My side? What did that mean? My wolf side?

“You can’t,” Wolf said, his voice barely audible. “Run.”

They’ll just follow us. I racked my brain for an idea. I had no idea what they were looking for, but so far it didn’t sound much like humans were fond of wolves. Maybe…

“Well,” I spoke haltingly, “would a human woman do this?”

I looked up at Wolf and braced myself. Oh Caroline, you’ve gone off the deep end.

I grabbed his face and brought his mouth down on mine. He was surprised, but quickly recovered and put his arms around me, kissing me back and milking it for all it was worth.

This is so crazy. I’m kissing a possible serial killer. Ew. God where did I go wrong? This is so beyond screwed up...he tastes like berries and mint...

Finally I pulled away, collecting my bearings again. I’d just kissed a psycho who’d held a knife on me not so many hours earlier in order to stay away from giants. I wanted to move farther away, much farther away, but Wolf held me where I was, his forehead resting against mine looking for all the world like he’d just had the best day of his life.

Whoo hoo! Go mistletoe and kissing!


V. S said...

This is so crazy. I’m kissing a possible serial killer. Ew. God where did I go wrong? This is so beyond screwed up...he tastes like berries and mint...

Probably one of my favorite parts! So good!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Ha! Loved this wild story and totally believed that kiss. Yeah.

Fireblossom said...

Uh huh, girls love bad boys. Some things never change!

Two things it says right here in my Girl Scout Guide: 1) always be as diplomatic as possible when dealing with giants, and 2) when in doubt, kiss. Works for me!

Nicole said...

*lol* Glad all of you enjoyed! I'm starting to think I should have posted their third (whoohoo!). Maybe another time... ;)

Sara ♥ said...

I would loooooooove to know more of the premise! Very cool scene!!

Tina Lynn said...

I love how he looked like he just had the best day of his life. I love it when they fall hard. *sigh*

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Delicious, simply perfect. I totally love this one. It had all the right elements for the makings of an outstanding kiss and you pulled it off.
You take care.

Amalia T. said...

This was great. I love that she was disgusted even while kissing, but he's acting like a lottery-winner. Nice job!

sherrinda said...

berries and mint!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Sounds like an interesting book...would love to read more. Thanks for joining the kissing party. You made my day!

giddymomof6 said...

Wow! What an interesting premise!

And very fun kiss!

Jenni James

Eva O'Dell said...

It makes me want to know more. Good kissing scene.