Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Join The No Kiss Blogfest!

I should do this stuff more often. Yesterday I got the most comments in the history of this (or any that I've done) blog.

So that's why I'm joining in on the No Kiss Blogfest! Inspired by yesterday's Kissing Day Blogfest, Ms. Mallis over at Frankie Writes decided to go almost all the way with scenes that show not kissing, but the famous (or perhaps infamous?) "almost kiss."

Oooooh, can you feel the tension? I've got a good one planned, oh yes indeed. In fact, I got so excited about it, I actually have it set up already. It's just on automatic schedule thanks to Blogger, so once the date rolls around, at about 10:30ish am, it's going up!

So January 2, 2010, post your almost kiss and join in on the fun!

So close!

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