Monday, November 28, 2005

Project 2

Journal 14-1

My second writing project was slow. Probably - no - definitely because of me. I couldn't really get into the swing of things, no matter how much I tried (so it seemed). I knew what I wanted to say, what I wanted to convey, but it just never came out right and no amount of editing seems to help.

Poetry is hard. Of course, I knew that. I haven't written poetry in a long while. After my poetry creative writing class, my view on poetry has been off...or skewed...or something. Poetry has sort of turned into art (I mean the visual type). There are canvasses people simply splat paint onto and call it art and get paid hundreds, even thousands for them. Then there are people like me who don't believe it is art and wish for the days when people actually put time and effort into their work and had skill to do it. My point is this: when I was in my poetry class, we read some things that made absolutely no sense to me. I still have the book because of the reason that it boggles me. Dr. Lamonica mentioned to me that poems should make sense to the reader in some form, but the poems I read? Nothing. I simply read them and think, "....Ok." Maybe I'm just not into the "new" stuff - I'll admit that I miss the days of Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe and William Blake.

Anyway, poetry isn't anything new to me. But because of all the differences and influences within poetry I find myself unable to stick to one style I feel I can get behind. Maybe I should just say "screw you" to all those modern poets out there who insist upon whitespace in various locations, weird topics, the absence of punctuation, and things like that. Either way, when getting reviews on my poems, I didn't get much at all, so then I was really left in the dust. I don't know, audience-wise, what is "good" or what I could work on. All I have are instructor responses, and though highly valued, most mention things I was going to do anyway (i.e. add punctuation). So I just toyed with things until I figured they were good enough (for me anyway) and let them go. I think so far in all cases that's been my biggest issue - only having one to three responses. I understand the why, but there was no Critters for me to go to with poetry. Ah well.

At least I got to bring some of my really old poems out of the basement and into the light and got to know that, from those that responded, they weren't that bad.

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Yeah! Yeah! Cute Rei pictures. Unless you think Pluto is better. I can't find a whole bunch since I'm not in tune with the sailor moon websites, and so I usually just rely on google. Naturally, the pictures aren't that great.