Monday, November 07, 2005

A Couple of Bones

Journal 12-1

Some of the important things she has to say about writing eh? Well, it's not much different from other things I've heard, but here we go:

~Try writing in a place different now and then in order to see things with new perspective.
~Just write, just write, just write.
~Pay attention to detail, but don't get psychotic about it.
~Read, read, read.
~Listen, listen, listen.
~Look for things other people might not notice; be aware of everything, sight, smell, taste, touch, sound and soak it all up the way dogs and cats do.
~Go beyond; when you feel like you're running out of things to say and the piece can come to an end, keep it going - take the 11th minute.
~Find a good writing medium (even though she demands pens and I will never give in to them)
~Even if you don't think you have support, just remember that you have air in your lungs and earth to stand on. You're alive - that's support enough.
~Even if your mind is blank, write, even if it is garbage.
~Don't try too hard to make a fancy writing place for yourself, otherwise you might be more into the place than your writing or feel inclined to write well when that's not always possible.
~Be able to take compliments; "As human beings, we suffer enough as it is."
~Beware of the editor inside you and don't always let that side take over while you write.
~Go back and reread what you've written.
~Writers do like money; artists do like to eat.
~Don't be afraid to experiment.
~Don't force yourself to write something you don't want to (i.e. if you're into poetry, don't make yourself write a novel).
~Make sure the notebook you have you'll be able to write in (if it's super fancy - kinda like the room - you might feel inclined to write good things in it, which isn't always possible)
~Verbs rock out.

Ok, time to sign off!

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