Monday, September 19, 2005


Journal 5-1 Ah, the book. The $29 book. Haha. I smile as if to say, "Go figure" every time I read a part out of that book. In truth, I dont' have any problem with it - it's a good book. But so far, I've found that I already do every single one of the things Fletcher suggests a person should try.

Like I've said before, toting around a notebook isn't new to me. I had one with about 4 pages left in it and decided just to start a new one for this class. Before that notebook there was a magenta one, and before that I think it was a blue one. Either way, while I might have another notebook devoted entirely to a certain story I'm writing, I always have another notebook full of random bits and pieces of stuff I might or might not use, poetry, quotes, random phrases, words, names, rambles, and so on.

In this notebook I'd already done certain things that Fletcher suggests a writer tries. I've already mentioned that as a writer who hasn't lost her way (not entirely anyway, just can't seem to focus on one major project for myself sounds more like it) and who isn't new to the world of writing, this book actually isn't meant for me. I recall reading about random things a person might copy down since you never know when they'll be used later. Well, several days before reading that, I'd written down a quote (from my own head - it was just something I knew a character somewhere could say) right around bedtime (which was around 2am). Maybe ten minutes later I realized I knew where it was supposed to go and got out of bed and wrote the piece, eventually going to bed at 4am. I mention this in my notebook.

I never have trouble with notebooks. Naturally there are going to be times when I have a lull in, well, creativity or desire to put something down, or whatever else you want to call it (such as currently), but I'm up to entry #42 I think. I know I'm past 40 anyway. Some are as small as a single name, others as large as a few pages. Oh, and while I'm talking about the entries, I feel I should explain a little something. Normally in any other notebook there are no numbered entries. Instead I separate entries by 3 asterisks (* * *) the way they occasionally do in books (hence the usage). Sometimes I'll transition from one thought to another while working. So in this notebook I've decided that whenever I open the notebook for a new thought I'll number it and if within a reasonable amount of time I change thoughts, I'll use the asterisks to switch. However, if I close the notebook or a substantial amount of time has passed (say maybe an hour?) I'll begin a new numbered entry. There - now you know.

As for influences and inspiriation, nothing in the Fletcher book has struck me, seeing as I do all of them already (maybe not in this notebook of the now, but I know I've done it in the past). The Writer's Crawls have been fun, but as of yet nothing to influence me to something bigger. Actually I seem to be using those more as means of practicing my description than anything else...which is a good thing. I'm sure you will, when you decide to snag it, notice in my notebook the presence of a woman named Anna. I created her over the summer when I was lying in bed one morning - you know, that story. And I worked 3-4 days and got about 60 pages out of it? Yeah. I should be stuck in the middle of another book, but because it's just not exciting me like it should, I've been focusing on Anna - she's a lot more fun. I've been constantly trying to think of situations for her to get into - and actually trying now to avoid dealing with situations where it's just her and Ballard, even though those are hella fun and I don't think I'll be able to stop for a while, especially with some of the music I've been finding (music is a huge mover for me).

All in all, there is nothing slow about my notebook. I think we're supposed to, what?, try and write at least two a week or something? Haha...yeah. That's a good one. >=D

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