Friday, September 30, 2005

Alter Ego x 5 (now at least)

Journal 6-3

If you've looked at my profile on here, you might have noticed my AOL Instant Message screen name is AlterEgoxIV. Initially I wanted it to be AlterEgox4, but that was taken, so I had to imporvise using Roman numerals (how many of you knew that?!). Anyway, I used to be SSJAkira1 (and as you can see, the address for this blog still contains the name Akira), but I'd had that name for as long as I can remember (ever since I first got on AIM I believe), and I figured now was the time for change.

So what does this have to do with today's journal prompt? Well, first let me say this is the most awesome question ever (whoo!). Moving on, AlterEgoxIV refers to all the characters that reflect me best. When it comes to my favorite of all time, it's going to be Akira, heroine of Book #2 and created entirely from scratch in my brain. The other 3 are Tathalia, Alora, and Visseri, only now I think Annatisse (aka Anna, my most recent creation) should be added to the list. I have a thing for A names. But let's move on.

It's really hard for me to say which character reflects me best because each of these is a representation of a part of my personality, only magnified about 3-fold:

Akira is super aggressive, a fighter to the end (I mean, she could be dying of blood loss and still be going at it). She has tons of skill and can best a lot of men, including her father (who is the ultimate hardcore warrior). She does have a softer side; a little more mellow when she is laid back, with friends, etc. Her ultimate weak spot is near the end of the series when she falls in love, but even she makes the statement, "It's like someone like me isn't supposed to fall in love." Because of the life she's lead. But don't worry - it's a happy ending. She's the martyr, messiah, mother, protector, everything all in one. I love her.

Tathalia was my first creation. She is somewhat timid, proper - an actual princess. She is my more vulnerable side and it takes a lot of pushing to see her stronger side, but she is not a fighter. She resists love for certain reasons, but finds it in the end and ultimately finds her place as ruler of, well, everything, and becomes stronger willed - going from girl to woman in a short time. As I used to be Akira on AIM, for a long time I was Tathalia during my chatroom days when I first started writing.

Alora was accidental. She was actually a typo resulting from Akira's name (check the keyboard - o,l; i,k?)She's my mysitical side - the side of me that shows itself when I am moody or angry and I don't let anyone know what is going on inside my head because I prefer them to guess or just keep wondering without any satisfaction. She is nearly emotionless, deals in magic and resolves matters quickly in a fight. She is her own woman and the ultimate mysterious being, no one gets close, and I'm still having issues resolving her love life (which is virutually nonexistant until the very, very end of the story). But love is not really involved at all in any of her exploits unlike Akira or Tathalia.

Visseri isn't very strong at all - she happens to be a fairy actually. I created her a few years ago and she is based on my weakest part of my personality, hence her weakness. She does not handle conflict well, but will sacrifice herself to save those she loves (as would any of my characters, except maybe Alora). She has no physical power, little magic, and does not understand the world around her. She's not necessarily weak in a bad way, but because of her innocence and being thrown into the world around her, she is just not able to cope well and needs to get back to where she is safe.

Annatisse, nicknamed Anna by the characters around her. She was the result of my 60 page frenzy over the summer. She is like Akira in her ability to fight, actually uses a weapon, but when she is not fighting she is just a normal being in her society, governs justly, and is honest in all respects. She finds herself in a situation where she must choose between two men (took me a while to decide, but one finally won against the others - for once I have a character not hooking up with a warrior-like figure), and is genuinely distressed like most of us would be in such a situation. She is rather down to earth, and a lot like me when it comes to making rational decisions, and has a pleasant personality, conversing with friends, making jokes, just natural.

So because all of these characters put together make up my personality as a whole (some needing to be diluted more than others in order to fit), I can't really pick one. I'm so flat compared to them, but only because I've never been in a strained situation dealing with either fighting physically or deeply (if at all) in love. A lot of my books have female characters that are tiny pieces of my personality, but some don't have any of me at all, like Books #1C, #1E, #1, #3, etc. But yeah...otherwise, that's me.

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