Thursday, May 25, 2006


I've organized a lot of my writing pieces. Some of you may have seen the dark blue binder I have which carries the maps I've made, along with various pieces and ideas for things. I stuck my revised #1 in there, so it got pretty crowded and thus I had to move a section into a different binder. I might even move more and keep the dark blue binder restricted to books 1-6.

But that's as much as I've done so far. The muses are still asleep, though I have had one stirring. I wanted to write a bit about Anna yesterday but then suddenly found myself out of commission and lying on my bed dying. Wasn't a very good time. So I didn't do much. I want to see a certain something in order to try and get things awake more, but I also want a writing desk for peace and quiet and good lighting. Honestly, after too long this yellow light in the computer room sucks. Hurts the eyes.

Perhaps instead of trying to come up with an entirely new scenario, I should just write down the two I have sitting in my head and get them down on paper. One deals with Anna, the other does not. My only slight worry of that is both have music that inspired them and I've had times like this before where I've had an awesome song for something and I just play it over and over to go with the writing. 7 minute song though one of them may be, the scene is just absolutely gigantic. It's a friggin' war for goodness sake. A lot of detail, a lot of stuff going on and I'd have to play the song for an infinate amount of time, which I don't want to do because the last time I did that I grew tired of the song and it doesn't impress me anymore. Heh, like I've sucked all the awesomeness out of it. I'd have to supplement this one with other music. I'd just have to. I really don't want to suck this song bone dry of all its coolness.

Either way, muses or no muses, I'm going to have to start forcing some stuff onto the pages. Be aggressive, b-e agressive and all that jazz. Stacey gave me two 5-subject notebooks, college ruled, as a graduation present. *drools everywhere* Yes, yes, I'm a slave to the blank page. She gave me some pencils too, and though they're not the kind I usually write with, they will be used - oh yes, they will. In fact, I should go look to see what size lead they have because I haven't thought to look until now.

Either way, I have the tools, so I guess I should just start improvising. Yes, that's the ticket.


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